Pray for Brent & Tish Horney – Brent is a shunt candidate:

Posted on Facebook by Tish Horney

Just ended a phone conversation with the neurologist who performed the lumbar puncture on Brent the week before Christmas. She has been away on vacation and just finished reading the fax we sent to her stating how improved Brent was for the 36 hours post-procedure, and how much it improved his quality of life if for just a brief period of time. Therefore, she is referring him to a surgeon to see about scheduling the brain shunt surgery. Once Brent meets with the surgeon and she answers all of his questions, he may decide not to go through with it. However, at least the neurologist was pleased that he was so improved for a longer stretch of time, and is willing to recommend the shunt. Keep praying that it all works out the way it’s supposed to for Brent.

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