Pray for Brent and Tish Horney

Posted on Facebook by Tish Horney yesterday,April 18, Morning:

Heading to St. Agnes Imaging for CT Scan on Brent’s brain. Recent mini-strokes are causing some concern, and he needs to have one anyway before he sees the neurologist on the 14th of May to have the shunt adjusted. Say some prayers that all will be okay. His walking/balance is off, and his memory is worse. We knew the shunt wouldn’t fix the memory, but are concerned about the walking and imbalance issues.

2 thoughts on “Pray for Brent and Tish Horney

  1. Posted on Facebook Thursday, April 18 by Tish Horney
    We’re back from the scan, however, we didn’t speak with anyone re: the images. Unless there is something seriously evident on it, we probably won’t know anything until after we meet with the neurologist on May 14th. Please keep praying that there will be no more mini-strokes between now and then. He’s now had two within 9 days of each other, and they’re not fun to witness knowing there’s nothing that can be done but watch it pass.

    • Posted on Facebook Saturday, April 20, by Tish Horney As of today, he’s okay. No new headaches, which seem to come just before the actual mini-stroke. He’s bored because he can’t do the things he always used to enjoy doing. We’re hoping to hear from the neurologist on Monday about the results of the CT scan, and perhaps she’ll get him in for the shunt adjustment earlier than the scheduled 5/14 date. Keep praying there are no more of these TIA’s before we get to see her. Thanks for asking….and praying.

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