Keep Praying for Brent and Tish Horney

Posted on Facebook by Tish Horney on Tuesday, April 30

Visited the neurologist this morning, and she adjusted the shunt setting. She did not see any signs of a stroke, mini-stroke, etc. on the scans we had done last week and the week before. Her thinking is that Brent’s recent episodes are related to the need for the shunt adjustment. However, she did remind us that the Severe Small Vascular Disease still exists, and for which there is no cure. He will continue to have vessels break down, and they will continue to leak fluid. One of his meds has been increased, and this may help slow down the process of the vessels breaking down, but it will continue to happen. We’re to watch him over the next month or two, and if there are no more episodes as he experienced over the past two weeks, we go in July for another adjustment to the shunt, if needed. He’s not a happy camper knowing that he’s still on ‘hold’ as far as driving is concerned, and he may never get to do it again. A big part of his independence is being taken away.

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