Rockland UMC Prayer List

  • Pray for those in need: Marie (Mary Beth D.), Family and loved ones of Jerry Twigg, Brady (Shirley M), Doris Hirth, Brent & Tish Horney, Gail & Dick Ottman (parents of Vicki S), The Smith Family, Faith Baker (daughter of Dawn S), Kristen Twigg Swick, Family of Audrey Harrold & Rosaler Dunn (Shirley B), Lisa & Family (Gladys A), Gladys Alleger, Family of Edward Hirth (BIL of Doris H), Edna & Dale Moore (friends of Shirley M), Shirley Gamber, Melissa Mayhew, Paul & Ruth Cook, The Dobrovolsky Family, The Oliver Family, Lydia & Jim Roth, Russell Shaver (friend of Lydia R), Barb C & Family, The Wright Family, The Selke Family, Pat Gainor & Family

  • Pray for our Shut-ins: Shirley Bossom, Dorothy Boswell, Virginia Knight, Gladys Latimer, Jack LeBon, Phil McShane, Helen Meiser, Leslea & Marvin Musser, Sue Stein, Thelma Stirn, Erma Wissinger

  • Pray for our College Students: Kimberly Reske, Kathryn Twigg Arrildt, Rachel Dobrovolsky, Casey Gamber

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