Oliver Prayer Update

Posted today by Kathy Supplee Oliver Sorry for the delay in posting about Thursday’s clinic appointment. Sometimes my brain is full and I just need to zone out a bit before talking/writing about things. So, the biopsy came back negative for GVHD (Graft v Host disease). The staff all felt certain that is what it […]

Bo Oliver Update

Posted Saturday, January 24, by Kathy Supplee Oliver At clinic yesterday, Bo’s skin issues were once again addressed as they seem to be getting worse. He is covered with red splotchy patches that are scaly and itchy. He also has these “attacks” where it feels as though he is being stung by bees. And as […]

Oliver Family Update

Posted yesterday morning by Kathy Supplee Oliver Please say a prayer for Bo today. He is very uncomfortable. He continues to have issues with his skin and although the docs do not think it is Graft v Host, it is still an issue. Thanks for the prayers. Posted yesterday afternoon by Kathy Supplee Oliver So […]