#Pray – #Prayer Update for the Oliver Family

Kathy Supplee Oliver September 18 at 10:34am
Good morning from Durango! The week has gone so well. Bo has responded really well to all the different treatments! Thank you for praying over the appointment times! All the people who work there are just so lovely! We are looking forward to Bailey Jones’s arrival today! We also meet with the doc today at 2p and are looking forward to seeing the results of his latest blood work. Thanks for the prayer coverage, we can feel it!

Kathy Supplee Oliver September 18 at 8:46pm
Our first week at Namaste Health Center is over. Buddy, Rachel and Bailey are with us and life is good. Thank you Lord! His blood work looks good, everything is going in the right direction! Got some new supplements and treatment has gone so well! Thank you again for your prayers and support!

Buddy Oliver with Rachel Oliver and 3 others at Mesa Verde National Park September 19 at 6:59pm
After a hectic and successful week of clinic, we get the weekend off to just hang out and soak in the joy of our family and the glory of God’s creation.

Kathy Supplee Oliver September 21 at 8:24pm
We started our second week off today at the Namaste Health Center. We have included in our protocol a test from Greece that actually determines the number of circulating cancer cells in his body, if any. It is a rather pricey test but because we aren’t doing additional chemo, it helps us determine not only the number of cancer cells but also how to best treat Bo.
Buddy and Rachel are leaving tomorrow so please pray for safe travels for them. So it will be back to Bo and I on our adventure! It is so breathtaking here and I keep thinking that it is so hard not to see our amazing Creator in all of this beauty and magnificence!
Thank you Lord for going before us, standing beside us and bringing up the rear! Many, many thanks to all who have supported us financially and prayerfully on this trip. It has been so wonderful! The doc said that, depending upon the results of the scans which should take place the end of November, we may need to come back every 3-4 months. I feel if that is the case, God will make it happen. He has blessed us every step of the way!
Thank you, as always, for your amazing prayers and support! We feel it!

Kathy Supplee Oliver September 22 at 11:26am
Please pray for Bo. We were up most of the night with pain from a pinched nerve. Will see the acupuncturist today which should help as well as the massage therapist for hydrotherapy. Buddy is exhausted and will have a very long day of travel with Rachel. They should be home by 11pm tonight. Thanks for the prayers.

Kathy Supplee Oliver September 22 at 7:11pm
So Bo had his treatments today…hydrotherapy, IV mistletoe, and acupuncture. His massage therapist, Lisa, also does his hydrotherapy. So she worked on his arm just a bit because she wanted Julie, the acupuncturist, to work on him more completely. Interestingly, we finally got an answer for his pain. First time, really ever. Turns out that his pec muscle is pulling Bo’s shoulder blade forward causing a pinching which is affecting his back and arm. Lisa thinks that it is because he is subconsciously protecting his port. It makes sense to us and to them. Oddly enough it is really good to get a real answer! We were sent back to the house with a cream for pain relief and an acupuncture cup as well as a mark on his hand for acupressure. Bo is stating that his pain is better than last night but still bothering him a great deal. So tomorrow’s schedule is a bit different now. It is as follows…
10am – 12pm IV Mistletoe
11am – Cranial Sacral therapy (during IV), Dr Michelle
12pm – Chiropractic, Dr Rodney
2pm – Massage, Lisa
If you feel led, please pray for Bo and those who are caring for him tomorrow. Also, please pray for a restful night tonight, that Bo can get some sleep. Thank you, as always, for your prayers and support!
Psalm 91:3 “For He will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease!” We continue to stand firm on His promise and claim healing for Bo!

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