#Pray – #Prayer Update for The Oliver Family

Kathy Supplee Oliver January 22 at 9:17am
Thanks everyone for your prayers and kind words. The morning brings new mercies and grace, both of which I was lacking a bit last night! Thank you Lord for being so steadfast and not being swayed by circumstances.
Bo’s temp is normal this morning so that is a big praise! We have decided to drive to stay with family about 4 1/2 hours from here. We plan on leaving tomorrow morning. Please pray for safe travels and comfort for Bo on the way. Thank you my friends. Thank you for walking this journey with us. It means more than I could ever express.


Kathy Supplee Oliver January 25 at 9:43am
Good morning! We are settling in at the Chateau de Peters in New Castle! It is so amazingly beautiful here. Every time I look outside, I am amazed at the artistry of our Creator. And I am reminded that we are never alone. Thank you Lord for surrounding us with your grace and mercies! Enjoy today and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you! (Even if it has you stuck at home!!)


Kathy Supplee Oliver January 26 2016 Afternoon
So we were happily packing to finally go home tomorrow when Bo’s doc from Hopkins called. She wants him checked to make sure he can fly tomorrow. Long story short, he has been on oxygen for altitude sickness and also on narcotics which depresses respirations. She wants to make sure his breathing is not an issue with flying. We love his doc and appreciate her concern. But…WE WANT TO COME HOME!!!! Please, please stop and say a prayer that Bo’s breathing is fine and we can go home as scheduled. Thank you SO much for your prayers. Let’s storm Heaven!!!


Kathy Supplee Oliver January 26 2016 Evening
OK my friends. We need prayers. Nurse was here and Bo’s oxygen was not at a level that she was comfortable with. She is coming back in the morning to recheck him. Please, please, please pray that his breathing will be stronger. He took 2 separate doses of 20mg oxy last evening and he is still out of it. I know that is why his respirations are so shallow. When I would make him stay alert, his breathing was ok. Thank you for your prayers.

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