#Pray – #Prayer Update for the Oliver Family

Pray for Kathy and Bo for safe traveling today – Bo is not doing well with his O2 level but had been giving the okay to fly.

Mary Beth D prayer:
Please pray for Bo’s oxygen level to come up and for him to be alert, but not in pain so that they may board the plane. We pray for no complications or emergency landings…we pray for safe traveling….and we pray for the sanity of this sweet family. Lord, please be with them the entire time, wrap your loving arms around them and grant them your mercy, your patience, your comfort, your strength, and please allow them to experience your great peace. We thank you for hearing our request, our plea Lord. We know that all things are possible through you….one step at a time….. we pray Your Will might be miraculous healing and a total cure for Bo.

Kathy’s Facebook post this morning:

Kathy Supplee Oliver
Thank you Lord! WE ARE COMING HOME!!! Thanks again for your prayer coverage. No words can describe what you all mean to us. Much love and many blessings!!

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