#Pray – #Prayer Update for the Oliver Family

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Hello again. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since we received confirmation that Bo did in fact have Ewing’s Sarcoma. I still have trouble catching my breath when I think about that day. So many things have happened since then…chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant, biopsies, blood work, x-rays, MRI’s, doctor’s appointments, blood transfusions, mouth infections, long hospital stays, ER visits, traveling to Colorado for treatments…these are just a few of the many things Bo and his family have endured. Somehow, in the midst of all of this, the Oliver’s are doing their best to continue living a “normal” life. Bo has been blessed to experience so many wonderful things…getting his driver’s license, meeting his wonderful girlfriend, prom, graduation, acceptance to Berklee College of Music, traveling to amazing places on family vacations and never taking for granted a single day. It’s amazing to see how God has remained the center of this family from day one. They find peace in knowing that God is the ultimate healer and that Bo is in his arms always. As we move forward in supporting Bo in his fight, I ask that you take a moment and pray for him and his family. Bo is currently experiencing a great deal of pain and even with meds he’s still uncomfortable. His parents continue to do hours upon hours of research to find other treatment plans that may be effective. Over the last 4 years you can only imagine the amount of medical bills and debt the Oliver’s have accumulated. If you would like to make a donation to support Bo and his family please visit Bo’s GoFundMe page. Please put “lemon-aid” in the comments so that Dylon can continue to see how his “idea” is still helping Bo. Thank you to everyone who has kept us in their prayers over the years. Life is truly a gift from God, never lose sight of all that he has given us. https://www.gofundme.com/gobooliver

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