#Pray – #Prayer Update for the Oliver Family

Bo has passed away – please keep the Oliver Family in your prayers. Here is Kathy Oliver’s last post:

Kathy Supplee Oliver June 1 8:30 am · Baltimore, MD
My prayer for Bo, recently, has been to see God, hear God and to feel His touch. I have learned that when I pray for something, not to put God in a box. His ways of answering prayers are not always how I would like them answered. I have to say tho, that God answered that prayer in an amazing way last night. Thank you to all who came out last night to be God’s hands, His heart and His voice. We were overwhelmed by God’s presence in the midst of such sadness. I know Bo heard every prayer that was spoken at his bedside, felt every loving touch that was given and saw with his heart, the love that you brought to his hospital room. Thank you for honoring my baby boy and for supporting us as we go thru the toughest journey yet. Our hearts are breaking. Thank you for always supporting Bo and our family.

I hope to bring my baby home later today and just love on him.

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