Prayer Requests:

Pray for those in need: Patti Lewis and Family, Marie (Mary Beth D.), Glenda Teachey, Family and loved ones of Jerry Twigg, Laurie & Dan Huffman, Brady (Shirley M), Doris Hirth, Brent & Tish Horney, Otts Sobel (friend of Iris G), Pat Kraft (sister of Shirley G), Gail & Dick Ottman (parents of Vicki S), […]

Keep praying for Brent and Tish Horney – Surgery for Brent scheduled February 15

Posted on Facebook by Tish Horney We’re back from meeting with the brain surgeon, and shunt surgery is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 15th. Dr. Dorai answered all of our questions, explained there’s a 5% risk factor with this type of surgery, which she’s been doing for 15 years. Brent will be in Sinai for at […]